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SUCCESS! - No Wind Farm in Baumber

Check out the full report on our website here:


Wind expansion divides community

A wind farm expansion divides a community in mid Wales which previously welcomed renewables.

Wind farms much less efficient

A new study supported by conservation charity the John Muir Trust suggests wind farms produce under 10% of capacity for a third of the time.

ONE family’s fight against the effects of wind turbines 

near to their home in Deeping St Nicholas is to feature in a television documentary.

This 'greenest government ever' is the greatest threat yet to our environment.

The coalition is preparing to bin Britain's climate change targets. After all, ministers have corporate sponsors to take care of...


Europe’s Ill Wind - Video

Claims of Wind Farm Illness

Billingborough Parish Council

Comments on:  Renewable Energy National Policy Statement

Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear

Letter written by Eastmidlands MEP Roger Helmer to Chris Huhne


BBC News, 6th March 2010: Policy agreed for wind farm plans in Lincolnshire
Spalding Today, 3rd March 2010: Wind farm plans refused by council
Spalding Today, 2nd March 2010: Spotlight on councillors over wind farm plan


A new action group has been formed to fight a proposed wind farm at Gayton-le-Marsh near Mablethorpe.  They are organising a public meeting at Anderby on Saturday 6th March.  All are welcome and further details are on their website at

The following articles relate to the BHATS event on 20th February 2010:

Stamford Mercury, 23rd February, 2010: 'Cash blows in for wind farm protesters' fighting fund'

Sleaford Standard, Friday, 19th February, 2010:  'Action group hopes to stop spread of wind farms'

Stamford Mercury, Tuesday, 16th February, 2010:  'Wind farm protesters need £5k fighting fund'



BHATS will be holding the following events on Saturday, 20th February, 2010:  

·        Blimp flying day.  A 12ft blimp will be flown at several locations on Billingborough & Horbling Fens, and in the villages, to illustrate the height of the proposed turbines.  Weather permitting! – See this website for updates.

·        Fact & Fund-raising event at Billingborough village hall.  Come and visit the stalls and learn about the wind farm proposals for our villages.

View more details on the dedicated page on this website under ‘News & Events’
Find out more about wind farms on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page under 'Contact Us'.  Last updated 12th February, 2010.


The following article appeared in the Stamford Mercury on 15th January, 2010:


BHATS issued the following Press Release:   Thursday 7th January 2010

A new action group joins the fight against a bleak and barren future for the fens
Swinburne: 'Only the wind here hovers and revels, in a round where life seems barren as death!!'
Is this the future for our fens, where there are only windfarms, and dead or dying communities? As yet another application is expected in the Spring for a massive 17 x 3MW giant turbine windfarm right next door to the historic spring-line villages of Billingborough and Horbling and very close to Sempringham, Pointon and Swaton, another action group has formed. Allied closely with other local opposition groups and most particularly its older sibling AGAST (Action Group Against Sempringham Turbines), currently fighting plans for 6 giant turbines from Scottish power only a couple of kilometres away, the newly-named group is mustering the forces of those communities most closely threatened by the E.On plans. The BHATs (Billingborough and Horbling Against TurbineS) name will remind people of the threat to wildlife and environment and the disruption to signals and communications caused by these developments. There's a light-hearted but respectful homage, too, to a well-loved village institution (the Billingborough Amateur Theatrical Society) whose marvellous comedies entertained local residents for many years and helped to foster a community spirit.  But the windfarm is no laughing matter: this sense of community that is also at threat. People are only just coming to realise the irreparable damage a windfarm of this vast size - and close to others at Bicker, and planned at Heckington, Sempringham, Dunsby and elsewhere - will have on local business, livelihood, quality of life, transport, health and well being issues, when sited too close to people's homes, and on the villages themselves. 'Our particular part of the fenland has remained unspoilt for centuries, and if we don't do something to protest now, these communities will be lost forever! Thousands of tons of concrete poured into the landscape will do lasting and untold damage - and cost far more in CO2 emissions than these government-subsidised monsters will ever offset in their working life.'
Thousands of tons of CO2 producing concrete poured into the landscape is unlikely to ever be removed. (For a windfarm this size there are likely to be 136 concrete piles driven deep into the fields.) These oversized, industrial turbines, built to obtain Renewable Obligation Certificates are paid for from increases in everyone's electricity bills. Operating only when the wind allows, they are unlikely to make a net saving in CO2 in their working life. We are reminded of the quotes of David J White:...'Electric power is too vital a commodity to be used as a job-creation programme for the wind turbine industry', James Lovelock:...'Wind farms will devastate the countryside pointlessly' and most recently, Lord Reay:...'Wind farms also eat up capital that should be spent on more appropriate efforts to resolve our looming energy crisis'.
BHATs has the suport of local parish councils, and a growing network of members actively involved in opposing these developments. At E.On's open day no-one from the organisation would commit to reveal the exact details of the turbine models for which they are seeking planning permission, but there is no doubt that a windfarm with this number of turbines will tower over these historical communities, and vast power lines will cut across village access links.  At a meeting held in October to gauge response, the move to oppose was unanimous, and 80% of the returns from a Parish Council poll of households also voted to oppose the application. Anyone wanting to support BHATs should contact them via their  website or via a contact email address: